About Us

Powrpak provides innovative portable phone charging stations and solutions to Fortune 500 companies and major international events.

Our mission is to enhance all Attendees experience, the model is simple; as simple as our mantra “don’t miss a moment”.

By providing the Attendees portable phone chargers, this allows them to roam freely throughout the event, all the while having their phone and PowrPak branded charger in hand and never again be tether to a locker.

PowrPak phone charging solution, is proven and powerful, to ensure we enhance any Attendees | Delegates experience.

Each of our clients are able to utilize Powrpak’s mobile phone charging service, by taking advantage of the sponsorship opportunity, our service model provides every event organizer a revenue generator opportunity.

We customize the artwork, on all our mobile phone chargers, stations and lockers, we take care of all your printing and application needs.


With charging station rentals, you can improve attendee satisfaction and overall experience. While also offering advertising opportunities. Phone charging stations with lockers at conferences have shown to boost attendee satisfaction by more than 15%.


By renting a Powrpak charging locker, you’ll have attendees flocking to your booth for a quick charge. Exhibitors who rent cell phone charging stations for events have been known to see an increase of foot traffic by nearly 35%.


Keep your live event Alive!! power-up attendees and keep it going.  A Powrpak charging station rental will help keep your attendees on-site and happy throughout the whole event. Cell phone charging stations can help increase guest retention by over 20%.


Individual and portable power allows guests to roam in your facility or event and charge their device at the same time. Powrpak products can be customized to your specific needs, including number of chargers and types of cables and corporate or sponsorship branding.


Powrpak Station solutions include the original and most popular mobile device charging station on the market. Affordable, easy to use, and built from rugged, commercial grade materials, the floor stand or wall mounted station charges up to 8 devices at full speed. (compatible with all devices)


Our Powrpak Locker solutions individually secure, store, and charge phones, tablets, and laptops. Easy to use and works just like a hotel safe. Each locker comes with digital locks for individual, 24/7 use. Perfect for schools, hospitals, libraries, and events.